Essay On Journey In An Over Crowded Bus.It was Sunday morning. I had decided to visit my friend Raza who lives in Shandra. The place is quite far off from my residence in Sanat Nagar and the rickshow would have charged at least rupees forty. So. I though of taking a little trouble in a G.T.S. bus to cover the whole distance for rupees four only. As I reached the bus stop. I saw a huge crowd swelling on the road. They all .made a dash when they saw a bus coming. The buses were packed to the capacity and some passengers were hanging on the rails.

The lucky ones managed to put their toe on the foot hold and left everything else to good. There is no need of pushing ourselves inside. It is done with full force by those who board the bus after us. It was Sunday. So every one was trying to get maximum out of the all route ticket which costs only Rs.4.00. The private buses observed holiday. The crowd was increasing every minute.

As I caught the bus. the fellow commuters rubbed me in. There were only fifty seats in the bus but more than hundred persons were travelling in it. The number of passengers standing in the corridors was in no way less than those occupying the seats. There are eight seats reserved for the ladies but they were all occupied by young men. The old women were standing in the corridor and requesting the boys to vacate the seats. The boys had turned their 'faces aside and posed as if they were deeply observed in the scene outside. It was not easy to get to the exit door. One had to do some tight rope walking as if it was a circus show.

My stop was coming nearer. I started pushing my way ahead. Suddenly. I felt some one touching my purse. I tried to grab him but he had already slipped. I looked around foolishly because not only the money but the ticket was also in the purse.

I shouted loudly and called on the driver to take the bus to the police station. He kept on driving till my stop came. He told me that I would not gain anything because the, pick pocket might have de-boarded immediately. I had learnt a new lesson, not to be 'penny wise and pound foolish'.


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